mercoledì 22 settembre 2010

iPhone VS GPLv3/v2 (UPDATED^2)

Hi all, as pointed out in a comment, there are some problems with ESpeak license (GPLv3) and other open source libraries that I ported to iPhone.

Seems that the GPLv3 is not compatible with Apple AppStore constraints.

Here you have an interesting discussion:

Seems that the only possibility to use ESpeak in an application compatible with AppStore constraints is to release it with a double-license (GPLv3 and GPLv2 for iPhone for example). To do that all the ESpeak contributors must accept the change..... almost impossible !!!

I will give up this porting, it is pity because it is working well !

UPDATE-1: Thanks to Tejas Shah there are some good news. He found an application in Apple AppStore that uses eSpeak: SpeakToMe

So seems that is possible to have commercial application that are compliant with GPLv3 in AppStore.

I will continue with this port and publish soon the results on github.

UPDATE-2: The life is hard !
I am really confused, see VLC story and this page. What should I do ?


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  1. I've been trying to port espeak to an iphone for several days. How did you do it ?

    Any samples or github projects up yet ?